i've been keeping all the letters that i wrote to you

**this photo has nothing to do with the post and is only here to lure you in

alright so i am once again soliciting you, my loyal (and occasional) readers for some suggestions.

every year i make my family a calendar. the first one was created more than ten years ago now, for only my mom. she loved it, and as a result i created another one the following year at which time it was suggested i make one for everyone. so i did and now some eight years later it is still something i take the time to make every christmas. i suppose that is how tradition starts and this is one of the only traditions our family has or at the very least has maintained through many years (which i suppose is the definition of tradition).

last year i decided to add to the tradition by taking all of the photos from the calendar and some of the ones that didn't make it in and creating a dvd slideshow (won't work for mac users...sorry). in that one i went for the saccharine super cheesy music selections (buble's home and alison kraus when you say nothing at all) and as much as they had a certain groan factor about them they did fit the occasion and it was the best i could come up with in the limited time i allowed myself to create it last year.

this year though, i want something slightly less over the top for the music. sentimental is ok but also maybe fun? maybe slightly hip? vintage, contemporary..anything really. i guess i want it to be fun to watch and not require three boxes of kleenex in the process. so i am soliciting you for suggestions. any you have would be greatly appreciated and all will be considered. now come on...don't be shy.


Anonymous said...

Three things:

1. I'm a mac user and I was able to watch it. You just need to have windows media player.

2. That picture relatively early on of you and Marko where he is looking straight at the camera and you are wearing red lipstick and looking at him totally looks like it was taken from the movie Reality Bites. I don't know why, but I went immediately there. Weird, no?

3. Music! I recommend "Be Gentle With Me" by The Boy Least Likely To. (Just ignore the lyric "I'm happy because I'm stupid"). It's light and fun and a glockenspiel, so it rocks in that particular whimsical way only a glockenspiel can rock. Or "I think we're going to be friends" by The White Stripes. Also, because I'm a huge Neil Young fan, I recommend his "I am a child" or "Only Love Can Break Your Heart". If you are looking for instrumental, I'd suggest those quirky Icelanders Amina or Mum. But definitely check out Be Gentle With Me. I think you'll like it (even though I don't really know your taste in music at all!).

Okay, I'll let someone else play now.

nicole said...

I vote for "Picturebook" by The Kinks. It always makes me feel happy and sentimental at the same time.

nicole said...

ok, a more sentimental one hit me...but not sappy. another kinks one (sorry, i'm a dorky kinks fan)...it's called "Days". Ah, such a good one!