never never stopping, till they pop, till they pop

so cohen had his six month immunizations today. he didn't seem to mind much, sure his eyes went all wide and his eyebrows raised ever so slightly to let me know that he was aware that something was pricking him where it shouldn't be but that was it. i am starting to think that he is both a tough guy and a daredevil, not my favourite combination, but we will get to more of that in a minute. so his weight came in at 17 pounds 13 ounces which is really not all that bad for a six month old but for cohen it isn't great. in fact in the words of the nurse "it is cause for some slight concern". you see at two months cohen was in the 95% for weight and then at four months he was in the 75%, the nurse told me then that some babies, particularly those born large, will plateau out for a bit to settle in to the weight intended for them, but here we are at six months and he is in the 50%. I realize that 50% is still average, it is still perfectly fine and he is happy and content and thriving. there is no cause for worry. but then i am me and i am a mom and there is always going to be something to worry about. a continual decline is not a good thing. so i have been instructed to feed him solids at dinner until he indicates he is full (as until now i have only been giving him a fixed amount) and to give him some cereal midday (which i was already doing on some days) and to come back in a month to have him weighed again. "they can be very active at this age" she said, which of course is true and would account for his calorie burning. still, i would have preferred for him to settle around the 75% and keep the worry at bay. as for his height? he was 28 inches which still has him in the 95%. tall and skinny he is, just like his uncle elton.

as for the keeping active, there was a bit of an accident last night. i was waiting for it to happen and had all but convinced myself that it wouldn't, that i was too careful for that, but i wasn't. yesterday i had food poisoning. it started sometime in the early morning hours of monday and had me quite sick and exhausted, so much that marko had to come home from work to help with cohen. i guess that is the background excuse for what comes next, not that there really is an excuse, but there it is. so cohen and i were napping last night and he was fast asleep beside me in our bed when i got up to go to the washroom. after retrieving some water in the kitchen i began to talk with marko, our conversation was soon interrupted by cohen's screams though. i of course had a panic attack on account of the fact that he almost never screams. when i got in the room i realized the scream was coming from the floor. i swear my heart actually stopped. of course cohen being cohen, stopped crying the moment i picked him up and then he proceeded to laugh, i swear it is true, laugh. he almost had a look like he wanted to do it again. unbelievable. from the look of the bedsheets and the lack of bruises or bumps i would say he clung to the sheet as he dropped so it was more of a slide than a fall but regardless i learned my lesson. no more monkeys on the bed. or at least not alone. and so the move towards mobility begins. gulp.

in other less scary news cohen and atticus graduated from sign language class this week. i am not sure if i ever talked about that here? we all took an eight week sign language class together. it was a pretty good time, although i think everyone was longing for thursday afternoons back by week eight. we learned lots, or at least marita and i did. cohen may have only learned that he likes peek-a-blocks and textured balls..oh and bubbles, great big bubbles going up (it was a song we sang that included the creation of soap bubbles which both boys seemed to really like, oh yes there was songs, so many many songs...i am surprised it isn't called sign language singing...wait, does that make sense?!?).

now i will leave you with some photos from the past week to oogle and ahhh...since i know that is the real reason you all keep coming back...

perhaps the cutest picture i have taken of atticus, this was denny's where we were all having a late lunch last week. while marita and i enjoyed our food atticus took the opportunity to revisit the fuzzy duckling. like mommy like son i say.

because it had been awhile since we had any after bath pictures and i can't be the only one who thinks that a naked baby is about the cutest thing ever...of course this is a bit of an accident waiting to happen.

this one was taken today. cohen and i had his cousins kyla and reidun come for a visit. i managed to talk reidun in to allowing me to take her photograph but coordinating three kids with smiling and sitting still proved to be a next to impossible task. this was the best i got. maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

Oh god the story of him falling of the bed terrifies me! Atticus hasn't fallen yet (knock on wood), but there are times when he's come very close. We always put pillows as barricades, but on a couple of occassions I've gone in to check on him and his on top of the pillow! Now that he's crawling (well, backwards anyway) I almost never have him on the bed. Too scary. Plus, I don't think Atticus would bounce back as quickly as Cohen. He's a bit of a cry baby.

Anonymous said...

He laughs when he falls... sounds like my brother was...Im glad he was ok with no bumps and bruises... The pictures are adorable. Atticus is a cutie pie. Naked baby butts are the most adorable thing going!