stumble where the syllables combine

today is going to be the lazy picture post. these things happen.

last week my work had a potluck on campus for my department and a few others to get together with co-workers and their families. it was a pretty good time and of course cohen was a bit of a charmer. so here he is with some of my co-workers/friends for your viewing pleasure.

with his dancing/party partner paul

& his source for all things show-tune, christine

with nancy, he is warming her up for her grandma years!

did somebody say something about goats?? i hope they aren't here!
with christine and brenda

with mary-jane his partner in crime (one day...think bonnie and clyde)

and with donna his favourite story teller of the bunch.

oh and one last thing, for those that are interested the sweater photos are up (the sweater that baka made me, that is, and the hat and scarf too).

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Anonymous said...

Me=Jealous of your sweater and scarf & hat