i've got my love to keep me warm

before baka left she told me that she wanted to knit me another sweater (i haven't shown pictures of the first one she knit me yet but trust me it is great) but i wasn't sure i needed another one, i loved the first one so much. so i asked her is she would knit one more thing for cohen, a jumpsuit to keep him warm in the stroller on our winter walks. she thought it was a great idea and so the night before she left we took measurements and she said she would produce it in nyc (where she is currently visiting marko's brother milan) and send it along. well she did and this morning i got it. if it didn't keep him too warm inside i would be tempted to make him wear it all the time, it is just that cute! it has four pieces, the suit, the toque, the gloves and socks.

thanks baka! cohen will be nice and warm because of you...again!

to see some more wonderful snowsuit photos go here


Kleja said...

Oh my god! I love that jumpsuit! It's so cute. What a lucky boy. Do show the sweater when you can.

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely the most adorable suit I have ever seen. She does excellent work, I am very jealous. Your boy is a beauty!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous colour. I can't wait to see him in it in person. It's super cute, but quite the departure from the gangsta look our boyz have been cultivating.