famous last words taken all wrong

this afternoon as i sat down to eat some chicken strips i noticed that there were two men climbing on to the roof which is just below our building. both of the men were wearing black and from my distance looked vaguely greek or italian. they got to the highest point on the roof and then started looking in a skylight, rotating around the window to get different views. it took me only a moment of fantasy to convince myself that they were hit men casing the place out so that later they could come back and do the job. was it because they were wearing black? looked italian? or simply just that i have watched way to many movies that somehow the occurrence of hit men on the roof actually seemed plausible.

as i contemplated all of this two things happened.

1. i realized that they were in fact repair men and that the skylight had a leak they were there to repair which is in no way as exciting as the reality i created and so this knowledge brought with it great disappointment.

2. i stopped paying attention to the hastily made chicken strips i was eating thereby completely missing that they were in fact not cooked. i promptly spat out the contents of my mouth but it was too late, several bites had been consumed.

it has been eight hours now and i am still not sick but i am not sure that means anything. hopefully by tomorrow i won't be tasting the bitter taste of irony.


libragal said...

you're silly. let's have coffee.

Anonymous said...

What an adventure, glad you are on the case...HAHA

Glad you didnt get sick...

t said...

cat...what is this coffee??? are you in town? and if you are you must call me right this minute. sadly though i suspect this is not the case.

did you get my mail?

Anonymous said...

Good thing you're not 911-trigger happy like me. Sorry about the chicken strips. That sucks.