i have tried in my way to be free

so i have been operating on a fairly low frequency today. the continued snow and ridiculousy cold weather combined with my junk food binge hangover and sadness at silvija's departure are all contributing to the blah's. it is little wonder that these photos i took today are all desolate and sad and cold. but there has been lots of good news lately everywhere else and i haven't been sharing so maybe i will do that now so that you will all be able to look at my photographs without crying. so here is the warning, this post requires zero boxes of kleenex. i promise (unless you have a cold in which case i can't be responsible for your kleenex needs).

first up would be the news from the north. the cat came out of the bag a couple of weeks ago now and i have yet to formally acknowledge it but there is a baby on the way and a new house for him/her to come home to. that's right my brother aaron and his wife laisha are expecting their first child at the end of may and they recently bought there very first home. my brother aaron and i grew up the best of friends and continue to be very close which is why it is so great that we are going to have kids so close in age. as for the house? well they may have had to move hundreds of miles away to be able to afford it but i am still incredibly jealous. the idea of owning a home seems completely foreign to me, living in such an expensive city. still, i can't wait to come visit and hang out in your sauna on a snowy day. i am nothing but thrilled for you both (or should i say three?)!

the other great news around these parts is that marita is having her poetry manuscript published. i had not had the opportunity to read any of her poems before but she was so kind as to put up some links and i suggest you march on over and check them out and then tell her how great she is, because she is, great that is. i know that this means a lot to her and it is a big step in the right direction, plus it is confirmation that she is talented and as those of you that are new moms know, sometimes we need to be reminded just how deserving of recognition we are as individuals and not just moms. i will be sure to keep everyone posted when it comes out so that you can all scoop up your very own copy.

oh and speaking of talented you must go see the table that kle made for the red shoe event. i can't believe she is worried it won't sell. there is just no way. i already told you but it is an amazing piece and you have nothing to worry about, well except for letting it go.

so that is all my happy news. it is still snowing and the sidewalks are still slippery which means we stay inside all day but we have heat and food and music and really what more could a mom and a baby need?


Anonymous said...

Congrats to your brother and his wife, that is wonderful news. It is awesome that you guys have a nice little brood of little ones around..

Sorry you guys have had such crappy weather, we are going to start getting our winter in the next week or so and I am not looking forward to it at all.

Off to check out your friends poetry =)

Kleja said...

I love how birds can make themselves look like litttle ink drops. Again you are very complimentary, thanks for that.