i'll take you just the way you are

i have been feeding cohen solids for about 3 weeks now. i haven't talked about it here, i am not exactly sure why but i suspect it has something to so with a fear of judgement. you see, these days they say to wait until six months before starting them. i had intended to do just that, but cohen had ideas of his own. always watching me eat with a longing that would rival galena and gestures that could be described as grabbing towards my hand at meal time. it wasn't that he was unsatisfied with only the milk but he was definitely curious about what i had. so i started on rice cereal and he opened and swished and swallowed and i knew he was ready. it was just a tiny bit at first then the wait and see. there were no problems and so we moved on. first to apples and then carrots and then pear, his favourite. or at least his favourite until today.

today we gave him blueberries with a little pear and it was clearly a winning combination. his head would move towards the spoon with quick jerks, his mouth wide in anticipation, a hunger in his eyes. spoon after spoon he gobbled it all up. about half way through the meal baka (who was the one feeding him) turns to me and says "he my son" and i thought she meant that he reminded her of marko and i said "yes, they look very much alike" but she paused slightly confused and then realized i misunderstood. she sat thinking of the right word for almost a minute and then she turned to me and said "cohen...my sun....shine?" and put her hand over her heart and smiled.

mine too, baka, mine too.


m said...

Pass the kleenex, please.

laisha said...

Yes, pass it right on up here! I'm openly weeping in front of my computer (Mika doesn't mind.) That is so beautiful.

Tirade said...

He is just adorable! We also started feeding our little one early. He just wanted the solid food so badly. Just wanted to say hi (we met in elevator the other day with my son Nathanial and dog)thanks again for holding the door/elevator!

Tara said...

awwww how cute... Cohen is so blessed to have the best grammies in the world!!!

t said...

hey tirade! thanks for stopping by. as for the door...anytime!

how old is nathanial? glad to know that i am not alone on the feeding early.

perhaps we will meet again one day?