feel it on my fingertips, here it on my windowpane

let me start by saying, is this rain ever going to stop? even the deep rarely seen corners of my soul are starting to feel a little damp. now you naysayers may note that there have been moments here and there where the sun has come up for a good ten minutes and you are right, it has, but it isn't enough god damn it. winter is here (although not in any technical sense)and it has brought with it the blah's. i have been combating it with a healthy dose of crafts and homemade soup, so far winter is losing the battle but another week of this rain and i fear that even soup won't be enough.

so what is new with cohen? to be honest it is hard for me to remember his newness from week to week. i do know that this morning when we woke up i put him down on the puzzle mat and he sat perfectly erect with no support from me and he had no wobble, no slight tilt, just him sitting there completely content. that was a first. he has also gotten much more dexterous, grabbing toys and shoving them in his mouth, moving them from hand to hand and flailing them through the air. he loves to be flown around the room like an airplane and giggles infectiously when bounced on the bed or danced heartily to bosa nova. he eats a ton, more than i would have thought, but of course much less than i know one day he will. he loves pears but isn't so crazy about sweet potato. he has a thing with blankets and insists on having one with him almost all the time. he will only sleep with one covering his face (much to my chagrin) and can be found awake in the morning with one shoved firmly in his mouth.

he has taken to rolling and his newest trick is rolling in the crib during naps so that when i go in to check on him ten minutes after putting him down he can be found on his belly, his head held high by his arms, chatting away to the curtains or his monkey depending on the day. he still loves to splash in the bath (although the water problem has all but erased that for him lately) and have his belly kissed before bed and he loves books, especially the ones with pictures of children in them. he likes to watch other babies, seemingly fascinated with their every move. he especially loves it when atticus, whom he studies with great interest, comes over to visit.

mostly he is happy and content but sometimes i see melancholy in him. a longing for something that he just isn't sure of, maybe our walks, which as of late have been all but nonexistent, or maybe just the feel of the sun on his face. i guess it hits us all around now. on sunday we are going to put up the christmas tree so that silvija (baka) can be a part of that with us. maybe the lights will be enough to dry out those wet places in my soul and rid cohen of his longing. maybe christmas will be just the thing we need to tide us over until spring.


trish said...

Hi, I just found your blog. My little boy is just two weeks younger than yours and we used to live in Vancouver so it's great to read about Cohen's day to day life! I miss Granville Island and the city, since we're now in a much smaller city in Scotland.

t said...

wow scotland. i suppose it is one of those the grass is always greener things, but i would love to be in a small town in scotland instead of here...these days anyways.

i must go see your blog now.

Anonymous said...

Happy decorating!!! Find a great spot for the special card I picked up for you today, it needs a nice home =)

I think its wonderful to include Baka in your holiday preperations... She is going home with millions of memories.