the rain still never ending the wonder in my heart

i haven't been by in awhile, i am going to blame it on the rain, no that isn't it, how about a lack of recent cute pictures then? in fact, i haven't been taking any pictures at all since i went to my first photography class. coincidence? probably not, but we will save that for another day. i always have some out takes in the vault for occasions just like this so the excuse stops here. the photos are from a trip to the park one long ago (ok about 2 weeks) sunny day.

i had a great weekend. friday night i went over to nicole's and laughed harder than i have in as long as i can remember. it included much borat and arrested development and a couple of beers as well. it felt like old times but with a twist. the twist being that i kept thinking i heard a baby crying in the other room. ahhhh being a mom, there is no looking back, which is actually a very comforting thought to me.

saturday we savoured serbian food and visited with all of my family. the menu included, among many other things, some variety of mushroom/onion/sour cream/cheese tart baked in puff pastry dough that has left me thinking about it for days. i watched silvija make it and i wrote down the ingredients but i guarantee i will never make it as good as her. cooking is like that. damn cooking.

sunday i went to the paramount and saw babel which i really enjoyed. i didn't much care for 21 grams and typically i loathe the super long movie but this movie didn't seem long nor was it as gut wrenching as 21 grams (although there was some wrenching of the gut to be sure). it is one of those movies that lingers and even now more than 24 hours later i still find my mind wandering back to it. it beats the heck out of the movie i saw last week at movies 4 mommies. although cohen really seemed to enjoy that one. i think he is a big swayze fan.

the weekend also involved the new costco downtown, two late night walks to canadian tire, rain followed by some more rain and then about 20 minutes of sun, dinner at the noodle box on fourth (mmmmmm sooo good, go if you haven't been yet) christmas gift shopping (and nearly completing) and the creation of a miniature eighteenth century village in our livingroom. (the village will have it's own post soon because it is just that cool. honest.)

oh and it also included this lame dear diary post. my mom says that it doesn't matter what is in the box it is how it is wrapped. clearly i did not heed her advice tonight . i must have a brightly coloured bow around here somewhere....


libragal said...

this is the first chance i've had to visit you from a paris computer. it is so good to read what you've been up to! please give cohen a kiss for me (and one to yourself and marko too) - make it two - one on each cheek!

t said...

we miss you :(
i sent you mail the day i heard you were staying but alas it came back to visit me, turns out i should have looked into the cost of international postage better. there is now another, more improved letter on the way....fingers crossed.

kisses given

a-one said...

thank you again so much for all the photos (4x6s) of cohen and his various beings - no way - it is wonderful to have hem here in the nord - these should tide us over til we are all together again soon!