you'll look sweet upon a seat of a bicycle built for two

ok so we have the wedding pictures covered which just leaves bike races, belly button books and a couple of anecdotes. as the picture up there indicates, we will start at the beginning with the bike races as i have been meaning to put some of this up for awhile.

a few weeks ago marko and i went with our friend dreena to see her husband mike in the yaletown criterion which is a cyclical bike race that happens in...yes you guessed it...yaletown. i wasn't sure what to expect but was actually thrilled and amazed (sometimes both at the same time). we went with the intention of taking some pictures and we weren't disappointed. (if that link doesn't work it is because you don't have flash and my fancy pants husband made the website in flash..sorry) mike ended up coming in third overall (or was it fourth?) so that was pretty exciting.

in fact we loved it so much that we decided to go and check out the much bigger and certainly more hyped tour de gastown last week. this time we took along our trusty companion catriona. once again mike was in the running but this time the competition was a little bit tougher and there were way more competitors (or so it seemed). sometimes it was even tough keeping track of who was who. in the end mike didn't do as well as yaletown but it was great to watch anyway (although the loud announcer guys could have been a little less wrestlemania).

so there you go, bike race info up to date. now didn't that feel a little like one of those books you would get when you were a kid that had scratch and sniff stickers hidden on every page and you would sniff around looking for it, then when you found it you would feel very satisfied, both at the finding and at the sniffing. unless you don't have flash or have not downloaded quicktime for free yet, in which case you now feel more like the kid whose parents forget to pick them up after school. there you sit in the parking lot and it is starting to get dark. sorry.

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