i'm dedicating this unusual song to an unusual person who makes me feel kind of... unusual.

this was taken very recently at a premiere for pirates of the caribean dead man's chest

this was taken back in the day.

ok ok i could have found a better recent picture but then that wouldn't be any fun. you know to be honest having just scoured through several dozen, perhaps even hundreds of pictures of christian it has occured to me that maybe i never really did find him attractive. it was always the characters he played that swooned me. now i just see him for him and well it is just isn't the same. so i concede. he can titillate. just not me. not anymore.

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libragal said...

You don't think he was going for some kind of pirate theme do you?...
Okay, okay you win. I looked at many, many, many shots from that Pirates premiere and not one was redeemable in any way (Christian posing with the "Pirate Girls" - i shudder). I concede. I'm done. Stick a fork in me. Moby Dick is dunked.
Maybe we should watch Mobsters where both our fellas get to be creepily cute together in harmony.
(BTW, you also win points for the Pump Up the Volume reference.)