would you lie with me and just forget the world?

first things first. if you don't have quicktime and so you couldn't see the video from the last entry then you can find a windows media player version here. make sure you listen to the sound cause it is almost the best part.

so today was my first day home alone with cohen as marko headed back to work. it started out a little hairy (literally) when marko muttered to me on his way out the door that we are going to need draino for the bathroom sink. i didn't quite understand so i nodded and fell back asleep. i figured it would be clear later. unlucky for me it was. turns out that three weeks worth of unshaved facial hair doesn't go down the bathroom sink quite as smooth as one would hope. the sink looked spotless on my approach but as soon as i ran the water all the hair backed up into the sink causing a huge mess. little did i know that the big mess was yet to come.

i went back into the bedroom to get the little tiger as we had woken together and i promptly engaged him in our morning ritual which involves me giving him kisses on his forehead saying good morning and then sometimes sucking on his chin. as i lean in for the chin suck today though i am treated to a different kind of love. after not throwing up for 5 days (and thereby completely catching me off guard) he chose this moment to lose his breakfast shooting directly for my eye. i couldn't help but laugh as my hair/face/clothes became completely covered in half digested milk. if that weren't enough, as i pull away from him he lets out some more on the bed and the floor. so of course i take him into the bathroom to clean him up only to remember that the sink is full of tiny little hairs and it won't drain.

welcome to my new life.

some days i think it pays to stay in bed.

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