and now back to our regularly scheduled program

i am not good at this game. although i think i kind of see it, if i turn my head at a certain angle and look closely right after staring straight into the sun. what do you think?



can we at least say that maybe he kinda has my nose? cause i feel a little ripped off.


Tara said...

He's all you from nose down... Give it time he will look just like you with Marko's eyes!

m said...

If it's any consolation, when my Mom was visiting I showed her your site and she thought Cohen looked a lot like you. She hadn't seen a photo of Marko yet, and when I did show her, she kind of shrugged it off, still adamant that Cohen looked like Mama.

t said...

ahh it is okay he can look like his dad, i mean i happen to think his dad is kinda handsome myself! i was just teasing around, although i still say he has my nose (which is the better nose of the two anyway! ha ha). he is changing so much who knows who he will end up looking like!