why is it that men age so well?

ok ok i know i said it was dead to me but i think that was mostly just a coping mechanism to help me get past the hump of withdrawal. i have only gone back and watched the finale twice which i think is pretty good considering how much time i have on my hands these days. but the rewatching got me reminiscing about the good old days, back when a movie had a certain something, during a time i like to call the 80's (collective groan). what can i say i was born in the 70's, i am prone to fits of nostalgia when it comes to things like molly ringwald and leg warmers. it's better than ninja turtles and power rangers, says me.

so there i am nostalging and i remember the classic film "can't buy me love" which happens to star a certain doctor which can also be found on a certain show. so naturally i had to run out to the local independent video establishment to rent it. i hadn't given it much thought on my way to the store but once i got there i was overcome with fear. i had built a certain reputation here, did i want to sully it with this? was it worth it? i decided to saunter in and case the place. maybe someone different would be working, not video store guy, the one who would remember what i rented later and judge me quietly.

it was not to be though as he was there behind the cash peering around the store. we exchanged niceties and i knew it was a now or never moment. i thought that maybe if i could find it on my own and casually slip it over the counter he might not notice. unlikely but still. but then it happened. i approaced the back of the store and there right against the wall is a rack and on the top in bold letters the words (and numbers) THE 80'S. he had a rack of only 80's movies in his store. there were dozens, maybe even a dozen dozen. this was going to be ok. i scanned the titles and there it was sandwiched by caddyshack and cocktail. i tepidly picked it up and hesitantly looked around to see if anyone saw. it was only me and video store guy in the place.

i laid it down and looked him dead in the eye. might as well face this thing head on. but when i looked i saw that he was close to my age and it occured to me that maybe this is okay, maybe he understands. just then he looks up and exclaims "wow i haven't seen this in forever, man does that take me back". i let out a sigh of relief.

what a terrible movie.


Jennica said...

I remember thinking when Grey's started: wow! Patrick Dempsey had to turn 40 to get good-looking!

When has that EVER been said about a woman?

PS: Because it might amuse you, my word verification word was RRAANT.

m said...

So it didn't hold up, hey? That's too bad. Maybe I won't rewatch it and just remember it as the awesome movie I thought it was then.

t said...

jennica: i read your comment right when i woke up and laughed pretty hard at the rraant! nice one. and yeah ummm there is no woman who people say that about but the list of men is a mile long. crying shame we are on the other side of that hill now. now i just sit at home and fantasize about 40 old men.

m: i would say definately revel in the memory, as reality is quite some distance from it. i also rented heathers though and i must say it stood the test of time. oh! and thank god christian slater didn't get better looking with age, turns out he just got creepy which is very refreshing.

libragal said...

I heartily disagree with you m. Christian Slater is, always has been and will forever remain the ultimate in timeless titillators, the dashing yet tragically misunderstood antihero. Perhaps you are jealous m. Perhaps you are intimidated by his fearless confidence, the defiant glint in his eye, his sensuouly sinister smirk, the tousled mass of hair upon his devilish head, all of which challenge society to ask "do you ever get the feeling that everything in America is completely f*cked up?" or to realize that "the only place different social types can truly get along is in heaven."
Creepy? Ha! Certainly not. Just self assured...
...Okay, maybe a bit creepy, but he's still hot!
(plus he has a baboon's heart!... awwww)

t said...

first things first it was me who called him creepy not m, although i bet she would agree with me on this one. now you are right he was once quite the titillator but have you seen him lately? he is best left in the past, rather the present where he spends his spare time molesting women and burning down houses. it's like mickey rourke, have you seen him lately? http://socialitelife.com/2006/07/12/mickey_rourke_angry_with_his_pinky.php

libragal said...

mickey's a boxer now. christian's a lover not a fighter. why you gots to be a hater towards my man? t, you have cut me to the quick.

m said...

Sorry, libragal, I'm with t on this one: CREEEEEPEEEEEEE

Jennica: I'd have to say that Sarah Jessica Parker has gotten better looking with age. And you know how I have a hate-on for her, so I'm not saying this because I think she's awesome or anything. But I really think that she's aged well, grown into her features. Like, now as a 40 year old, she has the maturity to pull off her look.

That sounds catty, but it's not meant to. It's a compliment! Really!

libragal said...

well m, i know you don't know me very well but i have always had a fetish things strange and unusual. you say tomato i say tomahto.