if a baby cries in the woods does it make a sound?

i can't believe the week is almost over again. cohen has really shown some changes this week. he is starting to notice things more and he can follow objects with his eyes and concentrate on faces which is really cool. we have staring contests somedays but he usually nods off or looks away first. he is also starting to grab things and likes to grab the bumblebee from his bouncy chair and throw it to the ground. i can tell he is going to be a handful as a toddler!

well here are some pictures from a couple of things we did this week.

we went to a bbq tonight and cohen got to meet the rest of my co-workers that he missed last time. he also got to hang out with my boss nancy. here you can see him quite happily enjoying himself on her shoulder

and here he is again wearing new clothes because the old ones kind of leaked..all over nancy..oops! sorry

this is a picture of my cousins daughter hayley who came for a visit with her grandma (my aunt) paula yesterday afternoon. she is of course pictured here with my mom and cohen. doesn't she have the cutest smile?

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