there was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right, that we were winning.

so i was sitting here tonight thinking once again about male actors, which i guess is the theme for the week. i am not sure what it says about me, the fact that i am spending so much time looking at actor's photos? hmmm maybe i do know but let's not talk about it. so anyway, i am here and i am thinking and i am wondering if there is someone that we would all say tomahto about? is there one male star for which all females swoon. ok maybe not all, but most?

i don't know the answer for sure but after careful consideration of many candidates i have decided on my choice.

who is yours?

oh and i swear this is the last post with gratuitous male photos for at least a month


m said...

Oh yes, I'll swoon.

& perhaps I could suggest George Clooney as a potential tomahto?

libragal said...

You have hit it, t! Tomahto, tomahto, tomahto!
The perfect blend of sex appeal, intelligence and a hint of creep ;)
As for Mr. Clooney, m - I am willing to give you 'tomaht' (a cherry tomaht)

t said...

i'd tomahto george anytime.

umm don't tell my husband though..ok?

nicole said...

ok, now, this is about johnny, not george (although george is no michael jackson or anything)....could there be a hotter image ever captured on film in the history of civilization? (at least since the advent of film technology ;) ...I'm putting money on a big NO! I'm sweating bullets over here baby! Oh yeah!! Phew, this is getting out of control...I'd better shut this down...Jesus

t said...

don't get me wrong, george is no johnny. not by a longshot. but still he is george, which is something. plus i like old men it would seem.