how much is that doggy in the window?

cohen learned how fun it is to look out the window today. i am not sure why it never occurred to me before but today for the first time i let him stand on the back of the couch and stare at the world outside. he was fascinated and spent a good twenty minutes looking up and down and then longingly out at the mountains. at one point he stared so hard at the back of our neighbour paul's head as he unsuspectingly worked below that i thought for sure he would sense it and turn, but i don't think he did. it is just as well because i think we both looked a little crazy, so wide eyed and excited. so i think it may become part of our routine, couch time. i just wish there was something a little more exciting for him to look at, maybe the skateboarders will have another party soon.

in other news i saw this in my travels today and so i thought i would post it. do with it what you will but i think i might send a card, i wonder how many he will get?


libragal said...

thanks for the reminder of the lovely view i miss! i too am staring hard out your window (if only virtually).

m said...

Looking out the window is one of Atticus's favourite things to do, too. Granted, we have a more, er, exciting (?) view than you, but yours is much more beautiful.

t said...

soon you will be back and you can come check out the view whenever you like! cohen and i can't wait

m - it is true yours is more exciting and for the first time since choosing to move i am thinking about something i am missing. looking in others windows is slightly more voyeuristic though.

Heather & Family said...

Myah's entire school way over here in Ontario sent cards to Shane. I think he is getting many, many cards just from my small town!!

Thanks for sharing!

Heather - Mommy to Myah and Drew

m said...

It's true you're missing all the freaks, weirdos and hipsters to look at, but you're also missing a lot of the noise, polution and sirens. I think your quiet view of the gorgeous mountains wins out.

p.s. I love the new design! I've been thinking of a blog revamp myself. Your's is very nice.