eight for eight

to mark the occasion of eight months come and gone i will entertain you all with eight pictures and a video, i would have done eight videos but i think that would cement my place in home video hell. there are four above and four below. those above are him being himself (and yes that is food on his face, he had just finished dinner and clearly taking the picture was more important than wiping the mess up) and those below are him acting out the range of emotions for which he is capable. someone should get this kid into pictures...or at the very least a hair cut.

surprised? possibly blowing a kiss? this one is open for interpretation.

very serious, don't you know!

i like to call this one the happy zoolander

and his trademark face the "let's have some fun" grin

the video was taken tonight after he was put to bed and was supposed to be sleeping (you will notice him nod off here and there from fatigue!). it was taken in the dark with our "please don't let this make you think of paris hilton" night vision function on the camera which is just a roundabout way of saying sorry that it looks so crappy (although a little spooky too...no?).

so cheers to eight months with the little pooper, i never knew life could be so fun!


m said...

Aww! 8 months already, so hard to believe.

I love the video, especially when he nods off then wakes himself up because he's got some standing to do!

Tara said...

that is too cute... love the pictures.. I cant believe how time has flown by...

Kleja said...

I love the baby leg warmers!