i know the sun's still shinin when I close my eyes

today was a good day.

cohen woke up at 6:30 this morning which is something he has unfortunately been doing for a week now, but today he chose to fall back asleep when i snuggled him into bed beside me (a trick i had tried unsuccessfully every other day this week). we slept in until 9:30, which felt more like noon it was so indulgent, then this afternoon we went for a walk. the sun was shining and everywhere i looked i could see crocuses popping their heads through the soil, reminding us that spring will be here soon. cohen loved being out, particularly our stop at the park where he swung on the swings and slid down the slide, a smile on his face the whole time.

tonight after his bath and a story he settled into his crib and fell asleep. it was such a relief, you see, ever since he started standing it has been impossible to have him settle at night or at naps. there is much singing and jumping and belly aching to be had. i have tried to hold him down by gently stroking his hair and face but he is smarter than that and sees through my guise, quickly brushing my hand away and back onto his feet. i have learned to just leave him to sing and jump and eventually (read hours later) he sits himself down and falls asleep, but tonight he did it without coaxing. maybe it was the fresh air, but i am hoping that the standing has lost some of it's excitement and that there are calmer bedtime waters ahead of us.

after he was asleep marko and i sat down to finish our office marathon. we are big fans of the original but had never seen the american version, so on the advice of nicole we decided to check it out. three days and some 45 episodes later i think we can safely say we enjoy it.

so yeah, it was a good day. hopefully tomorrow brings more of the same.


m said...

The park is awesome. I've been taking Atticus most mornings over the past two weeks and he's loving the swing more than ever. I haven't tried him on the slide yet because it's still dewey when we go, but will soon. I'm hoping that he'll start to want to walk on/around the big toys as that's why I started taking him to the park.

I hope Cohen falls asleep so easily again tonight for you!

Tara said...

he is such a happy boy... I love his laugh!

t said...

good for you for taking atticus most mornings, cohen hadn't been in at least a month, maybe more. it won't be long now before they are able to interact with that environment more...such fun!

and thanks tara! i love his laugh too :)