when things turn green again

i have new pictures and some new video which means it is time for a new post, now if only i had some clever words to accompany them.

last saturday night i went up to seymour with nicole for some full moon snowshoeing. unfortunately there was no moon due to the loitering of ominous looking clouds but there was snow and we were given shoes (well they sort of look like shoes?). the guide would stop us along the trail and share moon folklore and then at one point we were each (16 in all) given a recipe card with a moon fact to read aloud, a flashlight passed hand to hand in replacement of the actual moon. my fact was something about ants and how even though they are busy and hard working they take the day off during a full moon. nicole's was about surgery and increased blood flow in relation to the fullness of the moon, how some surgeons won't perform due to an increased chance of complications. i won't say the facts were fascinating, because they weren't (although nicole's was at least interesting), but i will say that being out in the forest in the pitch black with all of the snow and the glow that came from behind the clouds, well that was something. plus, snowshoeing was kind of fun and afterwards we were all rosy cheeked and glowing as we sipped our perfectly sweetened hot chocolate and spoke of returning for more of the same, sooner rather than later.

yesterday we went to the aquarium again with my friend farha and her son javier. upon my recommendation they had purchased a season's pass as well and so we thought we would join them for a little fish fun. this time i brought the stroller and cohen was able to see more from it then he ever had before. he is also a little older and more engaged in his environment which made for a great outing. his jaw actually dropped slightly while watching the tropical tank. he was computing just how expensive it would be to have a tank like that at home and then he went all serious, no doubt trying to figure out the best way to convince me to buy him one. we decided to walk a little after we left as both boys were sleeping in their strollers. cohen and i ended up walking the whole way home in the end as it wasn't so bad out and we both liked walking along the water. when we got home he had dinner and then slept like a baby. an added bonus for me!

speaking of dinner, here is another video (what can i say he keeps doing all of these great things!) of him feeding himself for the first time last night. as you can see, we couldn't have switched to the plastic bib at a better time.

for those that are wondering he was eating zucchini, pear and red lentil mash. mmmmm mash


m said...

The one time I did night time snowshoeing was at Cyprus Bowl and we ended up at Hollyhock cabin for a fondue party. It was so magical. It's been two years now. I'm dying to go again.

Kleja said...

I wonder when the concept of haute cuisine and the whole presentation of food thing becomes important to us?

It's good to know that your snowshoeing guides have a provisional flash light incase of clouds. I hope you get to go again.

Mathias (and my entourage) said...

Cohen is soo cute, Tara! I love to read your blog and see where he's at and think that Mathias is not too far behind. I especially like to watch the tidbits that you leave on the YouTube thing...

t said...

m- i really want to do the fondue one as well! it sounds like such a great time and i mean who doesn't love chocolate!

klay- interesting question, i will keep you posted. hopefully i don't have to worry about presentation too soon!

nick- nice to see you here. i like watching mathias grow and learn as well. enjoy your time now because once they start moving it just isn't the same!