think about direction, wonder why you haven't before

this week was filled with learning, for example i learned that i quite like to brush my teeth in the shower. i am not sure if this is related to multi-tasking or just the minty feeling whilst being doused in warm water, but it has become my new favourite thing. it isn't so easy with an electric toothbrush though. i also learned that i like dark chocolate coated butter cookies, well actually i mostly just like to peel the chocolate off and throw the cookie away, which i think means i just like dark chocolate which i guess isn't all that new. then there was the biggest revelation of all, i now like classical music. i swear i never thought there would be a day i would say it. it always stressed me out, the loud and then the quiet and then the even louder, it made my blood pressure rocket. i was always vaguely aware that i should appreciate it but i never could, despite having a husband who quite digs the stuff. however, this week i have been playing it for cohen to help with the sleeping and in response my body has chosen to now find it appealing. perhaps it is the fact that it works and cohen slept great all week because of it, so now i have to show some sort of respect or maybe it is just because i am getting old.

the learning didn't stop with me though, cohen learned much including that he likes rice puffs, or at the very least likes playing with them and trying to get them into his belly. his mouth to floor/lap ratio greatly improved as the week progressed. he also learned that diving face first into the bath results in all kinds of unpleasantness, not the least of which is an inability to breath (don't worry i was right there holding him the whole time, it wasn't scary at all really, just alarming for him i think). then there was cohen's big revelation, which is the next one we were waiting for (no not teeth, not yet anyway...but maybe soon?) which is standing. pulling up to stand with the assistance of some inanimate object to be exact.

the standing is making bedtime interesting. no matter how tired he is he insists on standing and jumping on the bed, sometimes crying with fatigue through it all. i lie him back down and he immediately stands back up. what to do? videotape it of course. here he is particularly tired and whiny, note how he moans through the tough bits (just like his mom when she is out for a jog).

*the sweater in the pictures was made by my very talented aunt helen. i know she reads this so i just wanted her to see how great it is on him!


Tara said...

love the sweater!

look at him standing... he wants to keep going hence the frustration eh? It's time to tether everything in the house down. =)

Kleja said...

Thanks for taking the time to tape that – I love it!

I also love that sweater, I wish I had an aunt Helen.