turning back, i thought i knew, thought i knew someone

so this growing a baby thing is starting to get interesting, i suppose i can expect that everyday will bring with it a new adventure from here on out. the latest is my jaunt down heartburn avenue and no i don't mean the type of burn in your heart that comes from a jilted lover but more acidic and pungent in the back of my throat. apparently this is pretty normal as the uterus pushes all my insides somewhere up into my throat. it is interesting though how it started out pretty tame, the odd discomfort and then slowly progressed to one sleepless night that encouraged me to go out and buy one roll of extra strength tums. little did i know that one roll would soon become a family pack. i am now at the point where every few hours i have to chew some "citrus" chalk. i was worried about taking too many as the back of the package warned that more than 5 in a day can be harmful. i was at the doctor yesterday and told her of my woes and my concerns with the quantity i would need to ingest to reach some level of normalacy. she laughed and said that when she was pregnant she would take 4 everytime she took them and some days consumed half a container. i was relieved. apparently the calcuim can give a person kidney stones but the quantity necessary for this to happen is extremely high so "chew away" says she. so i did. in fact right there in the office i pulled the container out of my bag and popped back three. ahhhhh finally some good news. now how do i get rid of this backache?

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