i won't push you unless you have a net

so i was lying in bed trying to sleep but unable to find slumber when i realized it is tuesday, that means video tuesday, a tradition which it turns out i nearly abandoned after it's first week. luckily i have still have 19 minutes until midnight and so there is still time plus now i have an excellent excuse to be up again and so here i am.

i came home after work today and fell asleep 5 minutes after walking in the door, slept until 7:30 and then woke up to a hunger even a hibernating bear would be jealous of. the nap however means that sleep is a foreign concept to me right now. well that and the constant kicking of the alien in my belly. he is a night person. i think that might be okay cause deep down i am too, if it weren't for that damn work thing. i can see us having all kinds of fun together in the dark and then sleeping in until noon on sundays...ok i know i am delusional but this is the part where i can fantasize about having the perfect baby, one that is completely tailored to my needs, before i have my actual baby that will be nothing like that at all. the one that will re-tailor my needs and make a mockery of my habitual existence. so let me have this just for a moment.

speaking of fantasies this week's selection is a sorta fairytale, enjoy.

i will now go back to listening to the pipes creek and counting down the hours until i have to go to work with no sleep.

8 more days. i can do this...right?

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