take me to the shore and wrap me in a blind tomorrow

so today's topic= bubble tea. actually i don't think that is all together acurate. you see i go to a bubble tea establishment but the thing i get is neither tea nor does it contain bubbles so really this is about fruit slushies that come from a place that sells bubble tea. otherwise known as my newest addiction. thankfully it won't be at my finger tips for much longer which i am sure my wallet will appreciate.

so there is this place in the student union building on campus that sells me these concoctions. they open at 11am which is really too bad since i am usually jonesing for one by my first break and they are nowhere to be found. by lunch it is a matter of desperation. i must feel the icey goodness in my throat, the tang of the fruit. the drink itself is really quite healthy and so there is no shame in that. to the best of my knowledge they seem to put fresh fruit of your choosing, lots of ice, some sort of clear liquid that may or may not be water or some kind of sweetener and then a few splashes of milk. the whole things gets mangled in an industrial blender and then it is piled high in a clear cup with a thick straw, a straw that is presumably built for bubbles. but as we have discussed i know nothing about this.

so that is the story or the background for the story i guess. you see i need this drink, i think about it all morning. what flavours will i have today. you can get one or mix two together, forever a mixer i usually choose the latter. the options are varied: strawberry, peach, blueberry, pineapple, mango, cantaloupe etc. so this one day last week i set off to get my fix thinking that today i would try something new. it is well documented that the experience of trying something new always leads to one of two conclusions, either you discover something wonderful and are glad to have taken a chance or you are sorely disappointed and mumble things like "oh well chalk that up to experience" but really think "what the hell was i thinking?". in my life it is almost always the latter. this story is no exception.

you see i decided that today i would try what the refer to as "green lemon" mixed with pineapple. i thought mmmmm citrus just what every pregnant woman wants (honest there is something about being pregnant and eating citrus fruits that i can not explain). so i tell the lady what i want. my first clue that something was amiss was when she said huh? and gave me a funny look. i thought it was a language barrier and stuck it out repeating the order. she shrugged a little and got to work. so it turns out that green lemon is actually a lime (and i found myself asking how it is i did not come to this conclusion on my own?). i wouldn't mind this, i like limes, maybe even more than lemons. so far so good. but then wait...did she just put in three chunks of lime with the rind? i start to get a little nervous. do i say something? no they know what they are doing, i have never done this what do i know. then comes the spoonfulls of fresh pineapple and my mouth starts to salivate. the blender is whirling now and i am anxious to try it. i am still slightly wary of the lime rind but think that maybe it gets pureed enough in the blender that you don't notice it. i mean it would have to right?

wrong. i got my drink and i quickly took a sip only to be treated with an enormous chunk of rind. next sip brought another and i was starting to get a bitter taste in my mouth. i made it just outside the building, 6 sips in and i threw in the towel, or in this case the cup into the garbage. i thought of going back and getting another, allowing my need to control me, but i fought the urge. some things are better left alone.

as i walked back to my desk i could be heard muttering "oh well chalk that up to experience" but what i really wanted to know was what the hell i had been thinking?

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