as time passed us by we never felt like we should we never did what we ought to

i only just now realized that the last post had an offensive title plus i see that i have had an influx of comments recently, perhaps it is true what they say about controversy being popular?

so i have decided that all you can eat establishments are not designed for pregnant women. last week i went to the mongolian bbq and i could not even finish one bowl. then tonight we went to the indian buffet and my one plate proved more than i could handle. even at that i had to lean forward and hobble to the canadian tire fearful that at any moment a burp could take a wrong turn. i think dinner is becoming more and more over rated anyway. i think lunch is really where i should be focusing my energy. dinner is best slept through these days.

so some crazy lady started talking to me (or at least i think it was to me) on the bus today. she kept looking at my belly and saying congratulations over and over. she looked a little like a witch and i was concerned that she would curse me if i wasn't nice so i nodded a lot while she muttered. more and more i have moments where i think that maybe we should get a car, maybe it is time. but of course then we would have less money for toolboxes, drills, stainless steel garbage cans and the hundreds of other things we buy but don't actually need, late at night at canadian tire. but i guess that is our dirty little secret. besides i am almost used to the crazies so why give in now?

i think it would be best if i laid down now, i am still digesting the butter chicken and it seems as though digestion is about all i have energy for tonight. it is much harder than one would think.

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