i'm dreaming i'm on a highway with the windows down

so it's been awhile again. i thought being off all week i would have ample time to write clever and witty prose here. i also thought i would watch movies or at the very least the dozens of television episodes i have saved on my computer. i didn't watch anything. it is so sad. so what did i do? i became closely aquainted with the term nesting which isn't such a bad thing i guess, well except for when it finds you on your hands and knees scrubbing the grooves in the tile with a toothbrush at 2 in the morning, tears falling down your cheeks cause you are so tired but you can't stop. having this coincide with moving into a new apartment has been good though as it has meant eliminating tons of crap we have been dragging with us everywhere. although now i fear i have gotten rid of so much we may have to resort to living a semi-buddhist lifestyle. i say semi because we still have more glassware than a family of four could use in... say a month. not very zen i'm afraid. although it is nice glassware.

so not only have i been cleaning but i have also been scouring every kids store in vancouver and most of bellingham comparing prices, compulsively buying "just one more" onesie (strange name for something i have ended up with 17 of) because it is too cute to leave behind. although i think it is safe to say i am out of the onesie stage (knock on wood) and well into the hooded jacket. so far i only have three so it isn't yet a phenomenon but it is on it's way. so in one week i went from having next to nothing for baby to having almost everything. not just having but ...cleaned, neatly folded and put away perfectly in order of size and colour scheme to be more precise.

i also embraked on a little art project for above cohen's crib, it was clearly inspired by lori whose stuff i simply adore. i had saved some of the fabric i used in making maia's quilt and thought this was a great way to include her in cohen's life. for those readers that have never seen our fish tank you will not notice the resemblance but the fish in the pic are based on our real life family members fishter and the loving couple of clowns known as harold and maude. the hermit crabs are more colourful then their real life cohorts but i figured they deserved the extra flare.

i can't believe i am going to have a month off before the big arrival, there is almost nothing left to do. maybe i should start hiring out my services? if only i didn't weigh 900 pounds with what seems to be rocks weighing down my centre of gravity that might have been possible. perhaps i should simply spend some time with my feet up? mind over matter.

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