it's good old country comfort in my bones

this morning when we got up marko seemed distraught, a little shaken even and so i asked if everything was alright. he had a bad dream he told me. oh no, really, what happened? well we were all there, you, me, aaron and elton and we were going to partizan stadium...what's that? oh the soccer stadium in belgrade. so we were going to see football? yes. ummm ok. so what happened. well we were in the car, elton was driving and we were listening to some music i don't remember...and we had an accident? no. we saw an accident? no. someone was chasing us? hey, just let me finish! so we are in the car going to the game and we are late and just then i look down and realize that i am wearing white socks with a dark suit and there was no time to go back...you were wearing a suit to a football match? yes! but with white socks. hmmm ok, well what happened? what do you mean what happened, that was my dream! that was your dream? that is the terrible thing that happened, you wore white socks. no, i don't think you are listening to me, i was wearing a dark suit. (at this point i decided to give in) wow, that is terrible well thank goodness it is over now. let's get up.

i guess i should just feel lucky i married a man with fashion sense and one who clearly doesn't have truely bad dreams very often to know the difference!

so the roomba. so far i have been really impressed, well other than the fact that galena doesn't seem the slightest bit phased by it. i was hoping for some sort of confrontation, a showdown between animate and inanimate but no it turns out she is much too busy sleeping to be bothered by robots. so we put it to the test yesterday afternoon and it entertained us for a solid hour. we followed it around the house to see how it would react to different obstacles, we intentionally placed dirt around the house and had little contests to see whose dirt would get picked up first. mine mostly did, but the great thing was that no matter what both of our dirt piles always got caught, it was very comprehensive in it's tireless endeavours. it fit under almost all of our furniture which was a nice surprise and even though we had only just cleaned on sunday when we were done with it is was still filled with cat hair. now i will be honest that our apartment is the ideal space for such a device as it is two big rooms with lots of open space and hard wood so i can't comment on it's compatibility with carpet (other than the sisel rug we have under the kitchen table which it handled beautifully). so all in all i would say that lazy humans should unite and run out to purchase one, definately worth the 206 cad we paid (on sale at irobot.ca) including shipping. plus it is better than most tv for watching..so what is stopping you?


Arnold said...

I have to agree with Marko on white socks/dark suit being a scary situation, a major fashion faux pas. It's like wearing a brown belt with black shoes. Haha, but true..

That roomba looks sooo cool. I'll definitely have to pick one up when I live on my own. I didn't know you were into those gadgets. Nice.


t said...

ok i won't lie, it isn't me that is into the gadgets, but i think we both knew that! i am glad to have it though, the roomba combined with my dishwasher and washing machine that also dries and i am cruising down lazy street. hey i figure whatever makes life a little easier...right?

thorn_stevens said...

Now you have to get a Scooba (iRobot's robot mop)!