modern day mating

so i said to mark over dinner the other day, i said you know i am soooo not in the loop and you know what he said? you will never believe it, he said like i know neither am i

you. have. to. be. like. kidding. me.

no! honest to god that is what he said. i mean if anyone is in the loop it is mark, like what is he talking about!

i know! mark is definately in the loop. like he practically is the loop

you are soooooo right i think he is the loop. you know it wouldn't surprise me if used lavalife to meet people too!

you think? maybe? i mean he is in like the loop enough. that is soooo funny that he uses a dating service. like you wouldn't think he would need to?

lots of people use it though. maybe i will hook up with him on there, wouldn't that be funny? that would be like hilarious

totally hilarious

definately funny.....

and then this long pause where everyone on the bus stares blankly out the window and thanks whoever it is we all thank, that we are not either of these women who clearly checked their brains in at baggage and forgot to retrieve them. i want to shout...ummmm hello? you are in love with mark! next time you are out for dinner as friends tell him you want to get into his loop! sigh.

learning from our mistakes day by day. which mistake is mine today?

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