if you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?

1982, the sun is setting and the warm glow from the light hits my face. it is the month of august somewhere near the end and the wind smells like freshly cut grass. new beginnings are in the air. this is the year i enter the third grade.
i am building an underground fort with my brother in amongst the bramble bush that fills the space between our house and the cemetary. we are digging with both hands like worker ants creating a hill. wiping the dirt and sweat from our face with our sleeves, we laugh.
taking turns crawling into the hole we have dug we imagine what it would be like to live deep in the earth. to be surrounded by all that moist cold. in the darkness there is a sliver of light that seeps through the crack in the roof board. it brings with it warm hues that fill the space with autumn and remembrance of days past. there are no thoughts of the future here.

we keep checking the ice cream bucket, making sure the spider and her egg sac are there, anxious for the day when we lift the lid and find the babies, still unconvinced this will really happen and barely understanding the concept.

together we would dig and laugh and pretend all night if we were given the chance.
this is where i would be.

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