fifty cents or a dollar three, i don't owe you anything

alright here it comes so brace yourself. if i have to listen to one more whiney spoiled snotty nose "university" student beg me for mercy on their tuition due date, forgiveness for dropping all their courses in order to enrol in new ones only to find out everything is full or one more international student who clearly practiced the words toefl exempt all night before dragging their sorry ass in to my desk i am going to kill someone...all you frat boy smarmy assholes who think acting indifferent makes you cool i am thirty, there is nothing in your bag you can pull out that can make me think you are cool, it is impossible.

you weak first years who can't handle the change of pace get a grip, you knew you were in for a tough time, we need you to step up to the plate with a little more conviction. you mature students who "don't understand these computer things" need to read up on it, from here on out it is expected knowledge, this is 2005 catch up. for those who never got us their final transcript, quit giving me lame fucking excuses. actually that one goes for everyone. if you didn't get in you weren't smart enough. if you can't pay tuition you aren't resourceful enough. if you don't take the bus you get the u-pass anyway, it's in the book and the book is the law. get used to being disappointed this is only the beginning. from here on out it is the norm. you will not get into every class you want, that's in there too.

i am more than happy to step up to your aid but only if you present yourself as an intelligent, well thought out respectful human being. you all should be, i mean you did get in to the hardest university in canada after all. oh wait, i am once again forgetting the first rule of the book, book smarts is in no way related to street smarts. i suppose that is my bitter pill to swallow. so let's all grab a glass of water and kick it back. deal?

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scot said...

when did you become so bitter?