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sept 3, 2005

dear diary,

well i moved in to residence today. i was a little nervous showing up with my mom and dad, i mean you all remember that debaucle last year with the family dog in the cafeteria? i swore then i would never bring them back, but nancy couldn’t give me a lift cause her sister had ballet or something and i didn’t know anyone else with a car, well except brian but he isn’t talking to me anymore since that party last saturday when i made a fool of myself and said i loved him.

my mom, as usual, started it out right by yelling at the lady giving out keys. i just stared at the thousands of blue and yellow balloons and pretended i had never seen her. apparently she didn’t like her tone of voice? i wouldn’t be too nice either if i had to deal with people like my mom all day, but i guess she gets yelled at all the time cause she didn’t seem too concerned and just smiled.

the room is my own this year, all 60 sqft of it. better than that shit hole I lived in last year though. you may remember the complaints? christian girl with pig tails and bible camp stories? turned out she wasn’t so christian after all and last I heard she was in juvi, but university will do that to the best of them. it makes a pretty strong case against strict upbringing though.

so I think we are going to go to ikea later today and get some swedish flare to spruce up the place. i know mom is going to insist on bright cheerful colours, i will argue for the black and we will end up somewhere in the dark greens. people will come over and think I like camping and outdoor adventure, which couldn’t be further from the truth. maybe I should just let her buy me cherry red like the corvette I dreamed of for my barbie when I was six, before it all turned south. maybe it will seem ironic? or angry?

there was this cute guy i saw in the commons. he was wearing ripped jeans and had a tattoo on his right bicep of a dragon. my dad mumbled something about some people’s kids and my mom laughed. i knew i had found the object of my second year affection. i hope he lives in my building, or has a similar schedule. i could sit next to him in the caf and make conversation. i would probably sound like a dork though. maybe if i practice it will all work out? maybe this year will be my year!

well mom is yelling at me from the hallway. i guess i gotta go. see ya.

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