happy birthday to you my older older brother

if i was to sum you up in 36 words, one for each of the years you have seen pass, they would look something like this:

confident, brave, foolish, thoughtful, charismatic, spontanious, energetic, wise, kind, childish, hungry, tall, goofy, inspiring, strong, emotional, loyal, endearing, witty, tidy, anxious, impatient, punctual, dependable, dedicated, forgiving, fast (driving that is), exaggerater, motivated, impulsive, funny, father, husband, brother, son and my friend


Tara said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tara's Big Brother

Big e said...

Thank-you fine wordsmith sister, Tear in my eye for sure that I am the luckiest brother, well second luckiest to all those out there with wonderful sisters like mine.

Kellee said...

Dearest T -
I love your blog
I love your cat
Who couldn't love your big bro's fantastic smile! ;)

I look forward to reading more

t said...

hey kellee

are you just a random blogger or do we know each other from somewhere? i am racking my brain trying to think if i know a kellee?

a-one said...

yes, and I, like my very fortunate sister am also lucky to have a brother as wonderful and complete as you are Elton - a wish for you is the next best full revolution and all the grace in its motion

Kellee said...

random blogger = me
and now you do know a Kellee = me