do you have change for a tooney? it appears this machine only takes quarters..

all these places are just little pieces. individually they mean nothing. they are the same as all the conversations we have had. all the hurt you have caused. if you only see the minute you can never understand the meaning. the truth is only found in the larger picture. it is the sum of all parts.

this doesn't mean i have the answer. i know what it was for me. what i take from it. the things i will carry with me even if we never see each other again. lessons from the past about choices and regret. how reality is based on perception and intentions are often crudely mixed with memory.

in retrospect i can see that the most important thing i learned in history 101 was that there is more to history than facts, more to truth than reality.

in retrospect, i can see that this is a piece of knowledge that will change your life if you let it. but once upon a time i thought that history was carved in stone.

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