and now for something completely different

i think i am going to shake things up over here, try something new. when i think of coming here and writing something, i sigh internally, and put it off. i don't have the words in me these days. so, for awhile anyway, i think this is going to become a photo blog, with the odd caption thrown in. i am going to try and post everyday with a photo, or few, that represent the day to me (not unlike klay's brilliant idea over at 100 days, thanks for that).

day one is easy, it was her eleven month day yesterday, and today she walked barefoot outside for the first time, so much to celebrate.


Milkybeer said...

Looking forward to seeing your pics...always a treat!

Randi said...

fantastic idea! looking forward to the photos of course.

wow - walking outside, barefoot, cute dress... oh joy - spring is coming! (even if it doesn't always feel like it at the moment, in many ways...)

Elton B Deans said...

T, can't wait to see what you can accomplish with that new camera... Photos last a life time!

Luv Dad

Klay said...

T- I love your photos and your words.
I wish I could have kept up that 100 days - it was good while it lasted.