singing the tune without the words

i know, i know, i said every day. old habits are hard to break. truth be told i have fallen under the spell of spring cleaning and have been spending most of my time scrubbing floorboards and rearranging furniture. i may have a cool before and after tomorrow to show you some of my handy work.

tonight i did make it out for my walk though and i had camera in hand. i got a strap for my tripod this week, so i thought i would test it out. i had some specific shots in mind and was excited to get out and shoot them, but after i set up the first one i realized that i had the 50mm lens on the camera instead of the 24mm, and that just won't do. it wasn't the first time i left the house wearing the wrong lens, i'm sure it won't be the last either. i decided to make the most of being out and continued walking anyway. i stopped into my local shoppers drug mart where i was greeted by this little fellow
stuff of nightmares
i stared at it for nearly a minute, certain it was staring back. i was so captivated that i felt compelled to buy it, going so far as to scoop it up and carry it with me around the store, but then i changed my mind, turns out that he may just be too much bunny for me i'm afraid.

a few minutes later, after i was back on the street, i came across these
strange and slightly offensive, plus they sing!
there were close to a dozen of them lined up, their cheeks illuminated by the street light. my first instinct was that they were offensive, imagining that they sing "pow wow wow wow, pow wow wow wow" when you press their buttons (?!), but then i wasn't so sure. they seemed sort of proud to be there, i am not sure they want me feeling bad for them.

i did end up setting up the tripod in the end to take one shot of the traffic. it wasn't what i wanted, but i will try and go out again tomorrow, this time with the proper gear.

oh, and because it was too cute to pass up, here is one of my little lady singing her song slightly off key


Randi said...

those dolls are super creepy, especially the one whose eyes are illuminated on the left. eek! cool.

ada is looking so grown-up!!

Klay said...

I love your photos.