the road less travelled

i have become somewhat obsessed with photographing alleys at night. i will spare you the dozens of shots i have already, saving them for a day when together they make something interesting. but i wanted to share this one. it's rather ordinary and not a great photo at all, and yet, there is something about it that compels me.


Klay said...

I think alleys are a very interesting subject for photos. In Montreal, I always thought there should be an alley tour for visitors or people who just wanted to see another side of the city.

Randi said...

there's something about alleyways - so stark and peaceful, yet somehow menacing? i really like the ones in vancouver between the financial area and and chinatown - all the old wooden frames and general derelict-ness would make awesome shots.

Phototally said...

better photographing them than working them, my grandmother always used to say

I love this pic, it's exceptionally lit

cheesefairy said...

I think it is a great photo, in that it looks exactly like an alley at night.

No small feat to capture that feeling on film.

I love alleys.