bringing the court to order

cohen's room is often neglected. i have never had adequate storage for it, and having to keep both kids clothes in there has proven messy. kids clothes in general are a huge pain, i mean they are constantly growing into and out of them, i feel like i need an inventory specialist just to keep track of it all. then we acquired all these little people toys which begged for shelf space, only i didn't have any, and so they would sit lined up against the wall (on a good day) looking haphazard and cluttered. the walls had leftover mounting tape from an art project that had long since been torn down. not to mention the left over christmas decorations and faded and limp artwork scattered around. the place was chaos and i felt like it was bringing the chaos out in the kids, so something had to be done. it took a couple of days but i think i have finally finished, i wonder how many more before it is back to a mess?




laish said...

looks good! I love compartments.

I'm just about to launch into a You-tube video of Ada - Jonah's having breakfast, requesting, "Ada? Ada? Ada?" - he likes watching her on video!

cheesefairy said...

Jealous! I love those bin-shelves.

I know what you mean about the clothes. Am actually fantasizing about a kids swap meet in a couple months to sell off all the 0-12 month stuff & am going to cull the toys too. Shh. Don't tell the kids.

Randi said...

love the new room! it's lovely!