jumping over fences

i recently acquired some pretty cool photo manipulating software called photo tools. it works as a plug in within photoshop and looks like it is going to be a lot of fun to play around with. i had intended to spend part of the evening tonight testing it out, but then i went for a run, and had an hour long bath while listening to the rain out the window, and now i am much too tired for computer things.

we'll see what tomorrow brings.


laish said...

you went for a run?!? well done, girl! my "other s-i-l", zenia, also started running again & solomon was born about a month before ada. if you guys are any indication, I've got about another 14-15 mos til I'll be running again. I see people running & I'm so envious!

I look forward to seeing the photo tricks!

Klay said...

Running is bad for you.

Photo taking, baths and plug-ins for photoshop are all good.