squish it

cohen and i sat down for a little snack this afternoon. i didn't realize at first, but it was all orange, and i had put cohen's on a blue plate. blue and orange, a winning combination. looking at the plate i felt compelled to photograph it. it's one of those things that happens to me from time to time.

this is the photo
orange and blue
seems serene, doesn't it? everything was going alright, until we bit into our oranges and realized that they were pulpy and dry and everything an orange shouldn't be. i threw mine away, cohen had other plans. turns out he thought he should make orange juice.

also, because the last two have been about cohen, i will include a photo of the little lady, if for no other reason then i liked this one. she's a feisty one that ada.


Milkybeer said...

That's so funny...I was totally struck by Abby's monochromatic lunch today. Unfortunately, it was all white and therefore did not warrant a photo.

P.S. remind me not to mess with Ada!

Randi said...

ada's so cute! she looks like one tough customer. ;-)

dry oranges suck. glad cohen could have some fun with them anyway!