when your lips first smiled at me, i was captured instantly

cohen has been feeling a little under the weather, or at least i think he has although i have no true confirmation of such a thing. i imagine that if he could talk he would say something like "mom, i feel like crap, do you think we could lie in the pull out couch all day and watch episodes of some trashy tv show you like while i cuddle into the little spot between your arm and your chest? please?". i of course would say yes because that sounds like possibly the best day ever.

it started about a week ago with a warm forehead and then confirmation from the small underarm device that he in fact was warm, but not too warm. low grade they say. not worried. the next day was the same, so to be sure things were being measured correctly i went out and purchased a new thermometer. this one made claims of giving me the answer in "five seconds!" but it turned out to be much closer to eleven and a half which still makes it about three hundred* seconds faster than what we had. this new device confirmed what the old device had already taught us. the boy is sick.

there were no signs of sick though, no hacking, no snot, no malaise nor despondency. mostly just smiles and giggles and heat. so we watched and we waited, chalking it up to probable teething. over the next couple of days though we saw it spike, the warm that is, and we saw him agitated and in pain (or at least i think he was) and so we gave some tylenol and some hugs and things continued on. his temperature would fluctuate from normal to high in no seeming pattern.

which brings us to today, which is day seven of fever in some form or another, and my thinking that maybe the waiting isn't what's called for. maybe he loves pain and really has some raging infection that he has no intention of complaining about. so off to the doctor we went. turns out the ears are fine but the prolonged low grade fever is not, well not completely anyway. but she had no answer. maybe a uti (which we are collecting urine to test for) or maybe just a virus that he is fighting off. or maybe he is just too hot to handle. either way he only seems mildly upset about it and if he wants to be all needy and cuddly for a couple of days, well who am i to argue with that? now i just have to decide which trashy tv is most fitting to the occasion...

*may be a slight exaggeration

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