on the mend

things are looking up for galena. a few hours after coming home last night she took her first bite of food and it wasn't long after that when she started grooming herself again. she isn't quite back at 100% but things seems to be working right with her again and so it is only a matter of time.

i wasn't sure where to go when this problem arose, having not been to a regular vet in vancouver with her. there is a place practically in the basement of our building, but i once had a neighbour tell me that they were very expensive so i was hesitant. i contemplated a few others but the commute seemed overwhelming so i decided to call the place close by and see what variety of reception i received on the phone. turns out they couldn't have been nicer or more informative and before the call was through i knew that i wanted her there no matter the cost. and what was the cost? well i don't think it was higher than other places, in fact it came in lower than i expected and they were upfront and honest about what to expect from the beginning. i wish i didn't have to take her anywhere but it is nice to know that the one so close to me is so great.

in other finding cohen news, i have now completed three pages of the scrapbook which means i am 10% done! my goal in the beginning was 3-4 pages a week. i managed it this week but i am not sure if it will last. i am having fun though. in the end, when it is done, i will scan the pages and make a slide show so that you can all see my handiwork. at three pages a week i guess that puts me sometime in march. yikes...what have i gotten myself in to?


Anonymous said...

Good news about Galena! Congratulations on the pages, march is but a breathe away :)

Anonymous said...

phew glad Galena is on the mend and it was nothing too serious