all the dreams i've dreamed are true and all the starry skies, inside me, when i'm next to you

i could write some lengthy post about all of the things that have happened in the last two days (and there has been a lot) but instead i will play one of those games where there is a list of movies and a list of actors and you have to match the correct movie in the list to the correct actor and then afterwards you look at the bottom of the page for the answers (which are written upside down), only in this case it will be events, not movies and photographs, not actors. there will be no answers. it sounds fun, i know. ok, maybe not, but it is my way of saving on words and banking on photographs. some of them are cute so it should be clear sailing.

here goes:

1. not sucking, but sucking on his new sippy cup
2. meeting my father for the first time (still not sure about the word grandpa and it's possible inclusion in cohen's vocabulary, it's a work in progress...i think?)
3. getting together and licking plastic with his buddy atticus...the great toy battle continues.
4. eating raw fruits and lightly cooked veggies in his new baby safe feeder (which i must say is one of the best buys i have made yet, he loves it and i love to watch him loving it, what could be better?)
5. meeting his uncle milan for the first time and schooling him on the true meaning of the word cute.
6. hanging out in his highchair posing for the camera (as always)

for more cute pictures you can always check out my flickr account.

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Tara said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the baby feeder, great invention!!!

The pictures are adorable as always.