nothing changes on new year's day

well slowly things have started returning to normal around here. this holiday season made me realize just how tough all the celebrating is on kids. sure us adults have to entertain and shop and organize and try our best to live up to some completely unrealistic expectation but kids, well they have it the worst of all. luckily there was no sugar to worry about this year but in a few years when that becomes a factor...well i can only imagine how tough that is going to be. as it is, this year saw cohen up much later than he is accustomed and in environments unfamiliar being tossed from waiting arm to waiting arm. don't get me wrong, he loved it, but it messed with him a little and only tonight, after almost a week of trying was he able to go to sleep before eleven. he adhered to a strict routine before the chaos, always in bed and asleep by eight and up once, sometimes twice, for milk. the last week or so has seen him asleep at midnight and up five and six times. thank goodness i don't have work to go to these days, as him and i have been napping our days away. tonight he was asleep at nine and has been slumbering ever since. i hope i didn't just jinx that.

the wind is blowing something fierce out tonight. i am finding it a little unsettling. i think that someone on a floor above me has gone out and left a window open as it keeps slamming open and close, that combined with the whirling noise that is ominously sounding in the alcove outside our window and i am feeling a little spooked. it doesn't help that the lights have flickered a few times now. i have the candles out just in case. it has made me wonder what it feels like to live in florida and to know that a hurricane is coming, to see that kind of wind and to maybe even see the storm as it makes it's way towards you. thank goodness i don't know first hand what that is like. i don't think i would care much for the experience.

so it is a new year. i saw my mom the other day and she asked, does it feel like a new year to you? i didn't have to think long before responding no. i guess it mostly just feels the same. i am not sure i put much stock in the notion that we can wake up on the first and feel renewed somehow. as for resolutions? i never really thought about it much, but if i was to come up with three right now i suppose they would be

1. water my plants more often, they are nice to me so i really should be nicer to them
2. pay more attention to galena, i swore i wouldn't fall in to the ignoring the house pet after baby trap but here i am and it is what it is, unfortunately.
3. always remember to parent by instinct and not by the book, this includes my constant need to second guess myself

not very exciting i am afraid. i suppose i could say lose more weight or drink more water or eat more vegetables, all the things we would all say, but i do my best and i would rather accept my faults and work with them then try and change everything anyway.

2006 brought with it hope and joy and renewal, i can only hope that this year is half as good as the last.


Anonymous said...

I only had 2

1. reduce the wasteful spending

2. learn something new ever single month.. ( a hobby, about a country, just learn something new)

Happy New Year!!

trish said...

We're suffering from post-holidays lack of sleep too - we've had to start letting D cry it out at night, which makes me feel like the meanest mum ever. Fortunately he only cries for 10 minutes at a time... I wish there was another way to teach him to go back to sleep on his own - but our health visitor assured us there wasn't. (And as I'm back at work now, I need some sleep during the night or we'll all get sick).

t said...

those sound like good ones tara, and obtainable too. what are you going to learn this month?

trish, it seems we have it fixed over this way. he went to bed at the regular 8 last night and only woke once..thank goodness. don't feel bad about the cio, sleep is very important for everyone and solutions are important.