from the dark end of the street, to the bright side of the road

well another weekend has come and gone. we managed to get the gate up for the kitchen but only after cohen tipped over galena's water dish three times. he is incredibly fast when he has something to accomplish. we still haven't secured the bookshelves but i think we have a little while before that will be a serious concern. he isn't pulling himself up yet (except for once mysteriously pulling himself up in atticus' crib...maybe it was a fluke? *crossing fingers) so pulling things down is on hold.

we also took a trip out to ubc. periodically there are blanket emails that go out advertising staff and faculty housing on campus. in the past we have perused the website and talked about it briefly but it has never gone any farther. last week saw another email though and once again the topic came up. it would be nice to have a two bedroom and all that green space, could you imagine? a place to maybe put a sandbox or at the very least a blanket for some outside time, no homeless people picking up my baby, hardly any crime and the price? more than reasonable it seems. marko had never really been out to campus, other than a few brief trips for work, none of which involved exploring in any way, so we decided to trek out and have a look around.

this building is the one we covet the most. it is building "a" and all of the units are two floors. the one in the picture is an end unit that is two bedroom two bathroom and the one i think we would like the most. this building is pretty tough to get in though, with only eleven units. the other buildings were nice enough and the location was amazing but when we looked in the window of a unit that we knew was vacant we couldn't help but be disappointed by just how ordinary they were. the carpets were the colour of a raw potato and the walls too milky for my liking. the kitchens were uninspiring, albeit clean and newish but the rooms themselves seemed unbearably small. of course there are different floor plans and perhaps even different fixtures but the one we peeked in at seemed like such a compromise to us. it is tough when you live in an apartment as nice as the one we currently inhabit. if we were honest we would admit that we got lucky with this one and resign ourselves to the fact that we will have to step down when we leave, but i am not sure we are ready to make that move yet. the jury is still out on ubc i think.

today found us lazy and lounging most of the day which was nice. it was misty and cold out and we were just as happy to stay in our pajamas and play. i would like to say we slept but it would be a lie. despite being here and lazy all day cohen slept remarkably little. he is going through a transition right now, i don't know if it is a growth spurt, a slow recovery from his recent illnesses, or he is simply too excited about exploring his new mobility, but he has grown an allergy to slumber. it is an effort to get him to take the plunge into dreamland and often it becomes fruitless not twenty minutes later. i imagine him dreaming and in his dream he realizes he allowed himself to fall asleep at which point he wakes up screaming in a cold sweat. he has determination, that is for sure. tonight, in a moment of desperation (although lets call it genius) i thought of plugging in one of our mp3 players to the speakers in the bedroom and pumping out some classical, low and soothing and with a little luck sleep inducing, music. so far so good. we have made it past the two hour mark. i will let you know how it all works out.

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Kleja said...

I hope the lullaby worked for you and for Cohen. Too bad about the interior on those units, the outside it pretty cool.