here beneath the weight of this i'm wishing that

the good news of the day is that cohen's urine collection went off without a hitch, in fact this morning he chose to go pee just as i was putting the silly u-shaped bag on him, thereby allowing for a quick and sufficient sample.

the bad news is that galena is sick. i wish i could tell you that it is some general malaise of the common variety that she is going to recover fully from but i don't think that is the case. i think this is pretty serious and i am not sure what to do. yesterday she threw up a few time late in the day which isn't totally uncommon and it just made me watch her more but today, well today she has thrown up seventeen times and counting and she has stopped eating or drinking which means she is pretty dehydrated. still she is walking around the apartment and i managed to make her purr tonight. i don't want to take her to the 24 hour clinic only because i have had some really bad experiences there and i know that they will just charge me an arm and a leg and not really tell me anything other than that i need to go to a clinic in the morning.

right now she is under my bed sleeping, a place she is not traditionally allowed to go. i have heard enough stories of cats crawling under beds to die to know that this isn't a good sign. i will keep an eye on her and in the morning i will take her in. it isn't so easy to do that anymore, what with a cat and a baby and no car but i will try and manage it.

if i ever needed a miracle now is the time. please let me wake up and have her be okay.


Anonymous said...

Get well soon Galena and I hope the doc can give you some answers.

laisha said...

oh god, I hope galena-beana is okay. I will send good thoughts her way.