they say bad things happen in threes

front view
today wasn't such a great day. i am not sure how many of you remember this, but it happened again. when galena got sick last time we knew it was possible that it would come back, despite modifying her diet and giving her metamucil everyday. for more than a year we were doing great, but then this week things turned again. she didn't throw up constantly this time, but she did stop eating and using the litter box. she just wasn't herself. so today we were off to the vet to find out that she was heavily constipated again which meant general anesthetic and a colon irrigation to the tune of $800. i know that sounds crazy (probably because it is) and there was much debate about whether or not we would do it this time. the thing is, i think she is going to start doing a lot better at our new house. being free to frolic outside and having more space of her own away from a tantrum throwing toddler (even though she is great with cohen) is just what she needs. so we chose to do it. i am not sure we will make the same choice if it happens again, hopefully i won't have to make that decision.

despite the stress of that, there was a bright side to the day, we went and signed the lease on our new place and got to see it again. it felt even better to me this time. i think it is going to be great for us. as promised there are pictures here. so, what do you think?


Trish said...

the place looks great! spacious and with a garden - you'll have a great summer (and you're moving at the right time of year).

Hopefully bad things do come in threes and you're through with bad news for a while...

(p.s. D's not talking in sentances, we've just got single words, but a whole lot of them - didn't want to give the wrong impression about my not-so-advanced wee boy!).

Sara said...

WOW I know your thrilled. The house is awesome. I'm so happy for you all. Wonderful! It's adorable I hope you have good neighbors.

Poor Glenda, I know about those ridiculously high vet bills. 2 days before christmas this year I spent 575 dollars trying to save a cat they told me we could only buy a few weeks or months as his condition was terminal, but I didn't want him to buy right before christmas on my boys. It was my oldest son's cat. It didn't work. He died anyway. The day before Christmas, and Alex begged santa to bring his cat back and give his toys to someone else. Ouch, sometimes it really hurts to be mommy.

J Dog Productions said...

WOW! What a great place! It looks sooooo perfect. Congratulations on finding such a gem! Sorry to hear about you cat. I'm sure she'll do better in the new surroundings!

We should get together for a walk soon.


laish said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about Galena. I like to think about her a few weeks from now, resting on the deck, fresh air, her own space. I think it will be just what the vet ordered.

I took the photo tour of your new place - it's beautiful! I can't wait to visit you there.

Tara said...

=( sorry to hear about Galena... I hope she gets to feeling better in a few weeks in her new home

love the new pad, so sweet and charming

Klay said...

I think it's so great T.

best wishes for Galena - as Laish said I'm sure the house will be as good for her as it will be for you guys.

auntie Paula said...

I so love older homes and your soon to be new haven is awesome. Will be so nice for you all to have a tad more space. Enjoy and happy moving on the 15th. Look forward to checking it out myself and having a visit with you all one of these days soon.
Am sorry to hear Galena has not been feeling herself these days. Hopefully she'll get through this and all will be well.

libragal said...

the house is fantastic! so charming. and a back yard! looking forward to plenty of babysitting time there.

i'm sorry about galena. though you make a good point - doubtless she will improve after the move!

libragal said...

p.s. does the dog come with the place? i hope so!