fourty + two

fourty + two

hello! my two days of rest and relaxation are over now, and thank goodness. i know that sounds strange, but parenting is a little like that. on sunday night i was bone tired and craved an entire nights sleep, it was all i could think about. once cohen was gone to grandma's i crawled into bed and cracked open a book, it was heaven. by last night though, after a full day of being lazy and a long nights sleep, i was missing him like crazy. of course i still enjoyed my lazy day today, and i am finally starting to feel a lot better (the cough is hanging on, but barely), but i am also glad to have him back making his choo choo noises and whisking his cars around on the floor.

no news on the baby front. i was at the doctor today but it was pretty routine. it sounds like the game plan is an ultrasound and non-stress test at the hospital on monday, if there is no baby yet, and then possibly being put on the induction list for next wednesday. i have a feeling something will happen before then though, although i guess you just never know.


Trish said...

wow - you look great! - and I should be sending all the people who keep saying things to me like "you must be ready to give birth anyday" over here to remind them what 40 weeks looks like (hey - I'm only 32 weeks, I don't want to be told I look ready to pop!).

(and I love the choo-choo noises - we especially like to make them when scooting around the grocery store in the cart!).

Sara said...

I know what you mean about missing your kids, somethings i can't wait to send them off, and then miss them seconds after they leave.


laish said...

you look beautiful! & hello, baby! I swear I can almost see you in there! (from the photo, I have my guesses as to where the little baby butt is, etc.)

Darci said...

Hi Tara. We haven't talked in so long but I think of you often. I wish you a safe and peaceful labor and delivery.

BTW - You look great!

Phototally said...

have the baby, already !

libragal said...

i miss you already.

J Dog Productions said...

I love your belly! You look great. I have a feeling that you'll be with the new babe before next wednesday!

Milan said...


We are all standing by for more developments. Best of luck with everything!!!! Oh and in the meantime, here's a little window into what it's like with two little ones playing together http://youtube.com/watch?v=_OBlgSz8sSM
(not that I'm speaking from experience :-)

m said...

What a fantastic photo. You look gorgeous. I'm sending quick, healthy vibes your way.

Oooh I can't wait!!!