well don't you know that it's a fool who plays it cool

so this morning it was the usual, up at 5 wide eyed and alive and i thought "oh no, it's permanent!" and grudgingly dragged myself up and over to the crib where i smiled and uttered good morning. it seemed as though the fate of my morning was settled. so i fed him and changed him and sang hey jude for a bit (it's one of his favourites but why i started singing a beattles song in the first place i will never know, maybe it got stuck in my head after reading some gossip about jude law on one of those trashy blogs?). then much to my amazement he closed his eyes, tilted back his head and fell asleep. i doubted the authenticity of this "sleep" and so i stayed up to make sure it lasted. there is nothing worse than waking after 15 minutes of sleep. by 6 he was still out cold though so i cuddled in next to him and fell back asleep. the next time i opened my eyes it was almost 11! oh glorious monday! i guess he just likes to party on the weekend.

tonight while we were having our bath i was running the washing machine. it is one of those front loading ones with the window in the front so that you can see all the suds. every since we moved in here galena has been suspicious of the thing, often peering from the door frame and then backing away slowly when she sees the spin and hears the whirl. on more than one occasion it has caught her completely off guard and sent her running under the bed, wide eyed and alert. tonight though i learned that cohen is not like galena at all, he loves the machine. it is better than any mobile/toy/face or combination within. as we splashed and blew bubbles at each other he became transfixed by the spinning. his eyes glazed over, his stare unwavering. the thing that was really great though is that every now and again the machine stops spinning, a coffee break if you will, and in those moments he would stop looking and immediately look at me with his lower lip extended in a pout his eyes starting to squint ever so slightly. he was getting poised for a fit. but just as the tears started to surface the familiar whirl of the machine filled the room again and he grinned and giggled and then locked his eyes back on the robot. we kept the game up for a good 20 minutes. i think tomorrow i will just sit him in his chair in front of the machine and listen to him laugh and cry all day long. this parenting stuff is easy.

tomorrow we go for his immunizations. tonight i am putting it out of my mind. logically i know that every kid (almost) does it and that it is "no big deal" and yet still that offers me almost no comfort. thankfully i have an appointment at the end of the day so marko is coming with me. i am going to need the support both emotionally and verbally as we have decided (in conjuction with our doctor) to delay two of the four shots until he is one. i know we are going to experience some serious resistance from the health unit nurse. no one resists resistance quite like marko though. i am going to savour it, as this may end up being the one and only time that is actually a good thing. wish us luck.


Tara said...

GREAT pictures... Im in the market for a new camera... Yours seems awesome, or quite possibly just the person using it...

m said...

Good luck with the vaccinations! Be prepared to cry and then feel stupid about it. Good for you for delaying some of the shots. I wish I had realised that was an option, because it sounds like a good one.

I love these photos so much, both in colour and b&w. What a beautiful family you have.

(K has my laptop all week, on which your number is. Wanna go for a walk today?)

Tara said...

I fixed it .. thanks for letting me know