maybe you'll rest sometime, i wish i could

so cohen woke up with the birds again today and once again he wasn't interested in going back to sleep. i took it a little better this morning because i saw it coming. yesterday was an ambush attack, his energy striking me out of nowhere. if i had been wiser i would have retired earlier last night, that way when i woke to his giggling and it was still dark out i would have had enough sleep to fight off that nauseous feeling that comes when you haven't had any. not that i am complaining (although it sure does sound like it) as i know i have had it easy so far. it is shameful how easy really. so if he wants to play peek a boo and laugh at me that early then so be it. i have learned my lesson and i will sleep right after i am finished this. then hopefully in the morning i will be laughing too (although it would be okay if he went back to sleeping in!).

after having a brief mid morning nap today i decided that i felt like getting out and doing something. well if i was being honest i was struck with a need to participate in some commerce, that is i wanted to shop. i hate to use that word, it feels so dirty. i didn't necessarily want to buy but to look, to wander, perhaps if time alotted even meander. i debated going to metrotown or downtown but neither seemed appealing. strange how the superstore somehow did though? so i trekked down to marine drive and wandered the aisles for a couple of hours staring at labels and trying to decipher their elaborate pricing scheme. i went alone and left my boys home to fend for themselves. i think that sometimes when i am here i step in too much, try and do it all and so it is nice to leave them here alone without me meddling in their way.

so of course the superstore was a wholly unsatisfying experience. but that's ok i knew it would be, it is part of the superstore deal. i only had a couple of people smash their carts into mine as a way of asking me to keep moving and received only about half a dozen nasty looks, so all in all not too bad. i bought some salad dressing, wait no let's call it a vinegarette and it was the highlight of the trip. pear honey they call it, no artificial flavouring or preservatives they claim. i have high hopes. we all know where that leads. i think i will just look at the bottle for a few days and imagine how great it is that way when i actually taste it i will still have the memory of anticipation to wash out the bitter taste of regret. i can hear marko's voice in my ear saying sheesh it is just salad dressing...but is it?

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libragal said...

those are great pants. what a stylish baby.