i find the things that you do will make me feel alright

there is this moment early in the morning when we wake up for the first time, it is usually around 5:30, that cohen will stretch really long with his eyes half open, his limbs loose and heavy, his mouth wide in a yawn. usually i am half awake and grouchy, my head feeling dark and gloomy, but in that moment i smile every time. i think it is because i can see all the years ahead of us when i will wake him up and he will stretch like that and make that grunting sound, the sound of pure satisfaction. he is showing me the future one yawn at a time and from here it doesn't look so bad.

we went out without him last night. both of us. we hadn't done that before and suprisingly i wasn't nervous at all but i am sure that was because we left him with grandma. i survived my childhood with her and came out in one piece so she came with good references. when we got home, just after ten, they weren't around. we thought it was funny that she would take him out for a walk so late and worried that maybe he was crying and she fell on the last resort of a walk. we were wrong though. we knew right away it had gone well when we saw the two of them come through the door both with huge smiles on their faces, giggles coming out of their mouths. something tells me that those two are going to end up pretty good friends.

cohen and i had a bath together tonight. it lasted so long that both of us looked like prunes. i always hate to take him out because it is quite clear that it is his favourite place to be. he kicks and splashes, nose dives and sits with the water half way up his belly grinning and laughing and singing. it has quickly become my favourite time of the day as well, there is no phone, no computer or toys, just him and me and contentment. we took pictures of bathtime tonight so look for the big smiles soon.

speaking of pictures, i uploaded over 50 photos to my flickr account tonight so make sure you head over and have a look. some of them have appeared on the blog but most are new to you. i also finally organized the tags so now you can weed out everyone else and bask in the glory of the 7000 pictures i have of cohen. ok maybe not that many but give me a few more weeks and it should be close.

i almost forgot but i should mention the new look. i decided it was time for a change and so i went for it, hopefully it meets with everyones satisfaction. i also thought it was time to change the name since it really is about cohen now. i had trouble deciding on one but i thought that finding cohen went nicely with looking for galena and so it stuck. plus, it is true i am finding him, little by little everyday. it never gets boring.


LindzyPinzy said...

what a perfect baby- so cute:)

Tara said...

You're awesome.... I always enjoy coming over and reading... He is beautiful and looking more and more like you everytime I see him.